We begin where conventional thinking ends

ARCHFIELD is one of the leading multidisciplinary engineering firms in EGYPT.
Was founded in 1989 by Arch. Amr S. EL Hamshary.
Specialized In Architecture, Constructions, General Contracting, Maintenance and Project Management.
We have grown into a national organization, offering world-class construction services.
Our Operational objective is Consistently strengthening and expanding our range of expertise across multiple sectors, Architectural services, Constructions and Maintenance of facilities and buildings.
We always target to provide our clients with best quality, a value and service works to contribute to each customer’s competitive standing.
Our breadth of capabilities ensures that we are able to meet our clients’ needs every time, on every front.
Consulting and technical services. We are owned and operated by Arch. Amr Elhamshary and our employees, the foundation of our strong values base.
Our long-standing values are honesty, fairness, performance, hard work and a love of what we do. These values define our culture, and our employees embrace and live them.

As we see it, our customers’ expectations are clear: to receive the most creative, innovative and effective solutions possible, within budget and on schedule. In short, they expect value. These proven experts use their knowledge to its fullest for the benefit of our customers. They collaborate and innovate, think and rethink, and try new ideas. Above all, they develop unique solutions to what are often unique challenges.
We call this empowered process ARCHFIELD Thinking, and it provides many opportunities for saving time and money and results in a project with greater value for the customer.